Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blue Hostas in Shade

I have been collecting Hostas for years. A particular nice color are the true blue Hostas. Although many hostas are called blue, few have the color of those shown here, Blue Cadet in a mature form. They contrast well with other typical ground cover plants, and seem to glow in deep shade. Here they contrast with unusual shiny-leafed Invincible Hostas and Epimedium. Some overshadowed red Coleus poke through. In a rock lined raised bed in the front garden.

Now that I have grown Hostas for twenty five years, I see they are susceptible to drought conditions. Also eventually get center die-back, not a disease but a growth condition, which can be controlled by digging them out and replanting in improved soil. When people see the garden one reaction is that there is little grass to mow. True, but the net work required is much more than mowing. Also rewarding.

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