Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Introduction to a Shade Gardener

This is my first post, and one of my favorite photos. I have been gardening primarily in the shade now for over 25 years. In college we grew vegetables in the sun in Florida. But since then I have had a special challenge. How do you grow plants in less than complete sun, and often with trees taking much of the moisture?

This blog is an attempt to resolve that journey, that challenge. The results change from year to year. One year there is a river of lamium, the next year the lamium is gone and the stones reappear. The garden has also matured over the years, some plant disappearing, others living for years.

I am looking to share experiences, get and give advice. I have learned much over the years, but I am seeking to learn much more.

You will see that I am a mathematician by training. So gardens are what I do when I am not working. Its a very positive change.


Anonymous said...

Hi Franz, that is a gorgeous picture! Looks like you ran out of energy for this blog...

Franz Dill said...

Thanks for the comment Potterpoet. I took a look at you blog as well. Nice job. Several people have approached me about this in the past, but you have put me over the top. Thanks!!